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Didiana Prata is at the forefront of the collective process to solve challenges through design and visual narratives: for brands, artists, institutions, and communities.

We define strategies and creative paths to build and transform visual narratives of brands, artists, institutions and communities.

We use different soft skills and technology, as AI research tools, data visualization and other curatorial strategies, to understand the external context and then look inward: do the design communication of your social networks represent your culture and values?


1. mapping
    workshop of contextualization and activation of the imaginary

Through desktop research, data visualization and conversations and interviews, we analyze and edit relevant information about branding and client communication.

2. curation of narratives

     communication design actions plan

/ creation of the brand manifest

/ planning of graphic design and communication design actions aligned with the purpose
/ prototyping graphic pieces integrated with the communication and dissemination of information on different platforms
/ developing a curation of visual narratives for specific audiences

/ delivery of brand design guidelines and key visuals and visual narratives for social networks

3. in-company implementation and training

    providing the concepts and tools for the client to create autonomy

/ cycle of up to 4 meetings for training the team involved in day-to-day language production: communication, marketing and journalists team involved

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