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about us

Prata Design is a multidisciplinary studio that celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023.

It unites strategy and design, communication, research, visual culture, technology and data to work in the expanded field of graphic design, for any interface.

Didiana Prata is at the head of the studio that works as a creative hub, bringing together a team of experienced professionals who are attentive to events in an increasingly digitized, complex and diverse world.


Defining how images compose a narrative to convey a message is our main strength. For us, the image in design is the fundamental element for the creation of contemporary visual identities for multiple supports, both printed and digital.

We apply our own methodology to investigate and conceptualize the elements and visual language of institutions, brands, people and exhibitions. Through collaborative practices, we offer consulting, follow-up of creative processes, workshops and creation of printed and digital graphic pieces. We keep a permanent dialogue between academic research and our professional activities for the market.


Over these 25 years, we have delivered projects in the field of culture (visual arts, fashion, music, cinema), education, environment, architecture and design, food, third sector and for companies aligned with ESG concepts.

 Prata Design creates an imaginary for a better future.




Didiana Prata

She is a graphic designer, curator of visual narratives, PhD researcher and university professor. Founding partner of Prata Design since 1998, she dedicates to design consultancy and creative direction of works carried out by the studio, working in a network of multidisciplinary partners in tune with Prata's proposal.

Graduated, Master and PhD in Design at FAU-USP, she researches the role of design and the new status of the image in contemporary visual narratives. She began her professional training at the São Paulo offices of Oz Design and Cauduro Martino. She was art and special projects editor for the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo (1992-1997) and art director for Elle Brasil magazine, published by Editora Abril (1998).

She is currently a Design Professor at the FAAP University Course and at Escola da Cidade, where she teaches the elective course “New strategies for building narratives”. She is a member of the research group Aesthetics of Memory in the 21st Century (CNP-q FAU-USP) and a resident researcher at GAIA – Group of Arts and Artificial Intelligence at USP-INOVA USP.

Prata has several works and articles published and awarded in Brazil and abroad.

Clara Willer

Graphic designer graduated in FAAP, with six years of experience. As an intern, she had the opportunity to join the team at Pentagram, in London, and Dorotéia Design, in São Paulo, where she deepened her knowledge in branding and editorial design. She also worked for the third sector, at Cidade Âncora and for the high-end market, creating digital media strategies for the JHSF Group.

At Prata Design since 2021, Clara coordinates and participates in the creation of communication design works for books, websites and motion design.



Abrolhos Filmes

Ana Celia Aschenbach

Ike Eskenazi
Eduardo Musa

Guilherme Werneck 

Gustavo Poletti 

Karla Mendes (Quantas)

Lilia Góes

Maria Meira
Priscilla Miquilussi
Quintal 22


awards and distinctions

2022 - Artist selected for artistic residency at Banff Centre of Art and Creativity 

2021 - Design for a Better World Award - Communication design category, promoted by Centro Brasil Design (CBD) – Web site “Pantone Político”

2020 - Prêmio Revista Select de Arte – Best digital art project category: “Calendário Dissidente”


2020 - BID- 7º Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño – Designer selected in the Digital Category com “Calendário Dissidente: cultura visual e memória política brasileira”


2020 - BID- 7º Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño – Integrated Design Category “Pavilhão FICA na Bienal de Chicago”


2017  - Bienal de Design Gráfico, Brasil – Selected graphic designer of the exhibition “Memória da Amnésia”

2014 - 4º Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño – Designer selected in the Digital Category with the website “Parque Minhocão”

2004 - Designer selected to integrate the Brazilian representation in the exhibition “O Brasil Faz Design”, in Milan, with the publication  “Cidade de Deus", by filmmaker Fernando Meirelles

1994 - Grande Prêmio Folha de Jornalismo – Special category:  “Fascículos Folha – SEBRAE – Qualidade Total”, with the jornalist Ricardo Gandour

1993 - SND Award - Society of Newspaper design – Edition category: Caderno especial "TERRA", about the photographs of Sebastião Salgado, in the newspaper Jornal Folha de S.Paulo

1993 - Prêmio Folha de Jornalismo – Edition category: 100 years of POLI – Faculdade de Politécnica da USP, with the jornalist Ricardo Gandour

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